Types of Content

As people go more mobile with their online surfing, they also rely more on video to learn about products and services they might want to buy. It probably comes as no surprise to you that the worldwide IT leader, Cisco, predicts 79% of traffic to mobile devices will come through video by 2022.

Whether businesses need a video to introduce their brand is not the primary question anymore. Rather, the question has shifted to what type of video works best for the needs and budget of each company. We hope this guide to the three most popular video styles will help you answer that question. When you become a PixelFish partner, your success is our success too.

Promotional Videos

Promotional videos are used to endorse or promote a person, company, product, or brand.  There are no limits to what you can do with a live shoot, animation, or motion graphics and text.

These types of videos can increase conversion rates by 80% when placed on a landing page of a website.  Social media sites also show higher rates of engagement with branded videos. Consider partnering with a promotional video production company to assist in your next email campaign and drive traffic to your website, or feature at your next event or convention. It’s no wonder that social media guru, Mark Zuckerberg, stated “I see video as a megatrend,”

Live Shoot Video Production

What is it? A live shoot video involves real people, often actors or your own staff, following a script we create.

Who is it best for? We recommend live shoot video production when you want your customers to experience the entirety of your business and the services it offers. If you are the branch manager of a bank, for example, a live shoot video might show a member of your bank taking a tour of the branch. He or she could approach the tellers and ask a question. The goal would be to show, not tell, how friendly and helpful the staff is to give people the confidence to approach them with any issue.

Of course, banking isn’t the only industry that can benefit from live shoot video production. Any company that wants to provide a complete picture of what it does and how it can meet a pressing need for customers could benefit from this video style.

How involved will I be? A full shoot video typically requires a high level of involvement on your behalf. Depending on the script, we may shoot the video in your office, use your staff, or interview your C-suite executives. The staff at PixelFish will be fully involved in helping you produce it, which includes doing multiple takes until the video feels just right to you. We assist with hiring talent, scouting locations, obtaining the necessary permits, and video marketing.

What does it cost? A typical 30-second live shoot starts at approximately $2500.

Animated Videos

What is it? With animated videos, the team at PixelFish creates graphics in-house and then adds music and voiceovers to the finished product. Before we start the creation process, we meet with you to determine who your company is trying to target with the video.

Who is it best for? An animation video can be ideal when you need to show your customers how to do something or demonstrate the unique features of a single product. Let’s assume that your company is in the business of making athletic shoes. It has just released a new brand that promises better physical endurance and athletic performance because the manufacturers have designed it in such a way that it prevents fatigue better than any other athletic shoe on the market.

Creating a video of two runners side by side with only one of them wearing the anti-fatigue shoes sends an initial bold message. You can then expand from there on why one runner is doing so much better than the other. The animation makes it fun and keeps people’s attention to the end. You might also consider it for explaining a process that has only a few steps, such as how to carefully remove a product from its packaging and start using it.

How involved will I be? By studying your typical customer demographics, we can assist you in creating the ideal customer persona. This person is the intended audience of your video. We also aim to produce the emotion you want viewers to feel when watching the video.

After meeting with you initially to gain clarity on the project, we meet with you and your company’s marketing team a second time to accept feedback and make any needed changes. With your permission, we may also show the video to a focus group to ensure it is reaching the target and producing the emotional response you expected.

What does it cost? It is a more economical option than a live shoot video because it involves far fewer steps. A typical 30-second animated video starts at approximately $3000.


Motion Graphics Video Production

What is it? Although some people confuse it with three-dimensional (3D) video, it is not the same thing. Video and film content with 3D typically involve animated characters while motion graphics focuses on taking graphic designs and putting them to motion. This allows you to tell a story to your customers in a compelling way. Rather than simply reading words on a screen, a motion graphics video moves the information along in a colorful, entertaining manner that also includes flash and sound.

Who is it best for? Motion graphics can be an excellent choice when you need to produce highly educational video content. Going back to our banking example from the full shoot video, you might want to switch to motion graphics video production to explain to customers how to register for online access, check their balance, pay bills online, and other common functions. If your company produces kitchen appliances, a quick motion graphics video on using a mixer for the first time would make a good combination with an animation video showing someone making a certain dish for guests.

How involved will I be? Similar to an animated video, we will engage your team in an initial meeting to hear your ideas, wants, and needs. Then, we’ll set our creative team on the task of designing a video that meets your criteria. Once complete, we’ll share with you to gain feedback, make any desired adjustments, and the video is complete.

What does it cost? A typical 30-second motion graphic video starts at approximately $2000.


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When you meet with our team, we will present you with three different options and work with the one you like best. This includes casting, scripting, or whatever else we need to do to produce the “wow factor” in your customers. Please contact us at 888-308-2009 to inquire about getting started.