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Thank you for your interest in creating a Testimonial Video with PixelFish. We believe that Testimonial Videos are one of the most powerful ways a business can build brand awareness and affinity, drive word-of-mouth, and affect purchase decisions. A well-executed testimonial video will help you market your products to potential customers, media and partners, increasing leads and ultimately sales for your business.

So, what exactly is a Testimonial Video?

When was the last time you made a purchase without consulting a friend, family member or an online review by someone that has used the product or service? We are more likely to trust the recommendations of others, even people we have never met, than any self-serving claims a company may make. Accordingly, testimonial videos, which allow a company to let their customers speak on its behalf, can quickly establish credibility and improve brand quality, awareness, and trust. A testimonial video can effectively capture your company’s unique value proposition by allowing your customer to speak for you, often coming up with authentic, original endorsements that would normally read as “too salesy” coming from a corporate representative.

At PixelFish, we remove unnecessary costs and simplify the production processes without sacrificing creative integrity. Plus, as a leading provider of video advertising and nationwide distribution, PixelFish can also ensure that your testimonial video be seen online, on mobile devices, on TV and digital signage everywhere!

How do you know if a Testimonial Video is right for you?

If customer service is a top priority and you have a strong community of brand advocates, if you need to quickly establish trust, or are evolving your products or services, a testimonial video can be an effective way to build brand rapport and drive website traffic.

Specifically, Testimonial Videos are a great option for companies that:

  • Want to promote their company to a large digital or trade show audience
  • Are interested in driving traffic to a company website
  • Are looking for an effective way to introduce a company or brand for lead generation
  • Interested in reinforcing product decisions after they are made
Types of Testimonial Videos

Whether you have a clear idea in mind or are starting from scratch, PixelFish is ready to help you create a Product Video that achieves your business goals. When we work together, you can expect a hassle-free experience in a fun, relaxed environment.

1. Home Video-Style
Customers are constantly chronicling their lives through their smartphones. In this type of testimonial video, participants are asked to film their experience, and these “home movies” are incorporated into the professionally produced video.

2. The Walk-Through
Instead of seating your customers on the couch, allow them to “walk” through their experience with your company. From before and after, to experiential moments, show how your product or service has changed your customers’ lives for the better.

3. The Surprise
Do you make it a habit to go above and beyond for customers? Next time, film it and then get permission to share the captured moment with the rest of the world

Is a Testimonial Video is right for you?
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