Sizzle Reel

Check out our Sizzle Reel to see what we have produced for our clients!

A picture’s worth a thousand words but a video’s worth 2 million. This isn’t mere hyperbole. Our brains absorb video at a faster rate than text or mere images. Further, it’s not just our conscious brains that absorb video advertising. Our unconscious brains also take it in. So we’re actually activating more of our brain when we see a drink being poured in a video than when we see an image of that same drink.

Video Lights Up Our Unconscious Brains

The power of video advertising hits us on the visual and conscious level, but also the subliminal and unconscious level. People tend to make their purchasing decisions with their unconscious brain but justify it with their conscious brain. We don’t like to think we don’t know ourselves or that we’re not in control. But truly, buying behavior is far more unconscious than conscious. Few people buy candy bars behind a glass shelf, but they’ll buy easy-access candy in the check-out line of the grocery store and easily find a way to justify it.

Interestingly, even a blindfolded person will detect aspects of a video with their unconscious brain. Forget the blindfolds, even an actual blind person can correctly guess smiling or frowning facial expressions without sight. This goes to show that what we think is visual is a process that goes way past our eyes and conscious brain. If you can activate people beyond their sight, you’ll influence their buying behaviors on an emotional level.

Case in Point: How to Sell a Refrigerator

These insights apply whether you’re trying to sell something as practical as a refrigerator or as straightforward as banking facts. People will easily say they saw our video advertising and remembered that they needed on a rational, practical level to update their home appliances, but that video triggered them emotionally and subliminally first. Coming home to a full refrigerator activates our comfort on one level and can even revert us back to after-school snack nostalgia if we see the right trigger. These are emotional cues. Seeing a refrigerator with bright red strawberries, tin foiled covered casserole dishes, or a bottle of champagne offers an image of a life of comfort, indulgence, and celebration. It sells happy imagery that makes us want to live that life and be that person. The emotional experience is going to fill a fridge with colors, joy, and nostalgia to light up our unconscious and conscious minds.

The Power of PixelFish

When you watch our sizzle reel, above, you get a feeling for the types of video advertising we create. The upbeat song combined with the series of images creates a feeling of excitement, celebration, anticipation, nostalgia, and effortless joy. It highlights appliances, car dealerships, banks, technology firms, and digital firms but the drive by barely drums in the dry details. Instead, it creates a feeling and you’re buying that. You won’t tell yourself that, of course not! You feel first and then justify it on a rational level, later. PixelFish understands this extensively and creates sparkling, irresistible videos that light up all parts of the brain! Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you succeed.