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Thank you for your interest in creating a product video with PixelFish. We believe that product videos are a powerful, effective and affordable way to both demonstrate the features and benefits of your products, and entertain and engage your target audience. An engaging product video will help you market your products to potential customers, media and partners, increasing leads and ultimately, sales for your business.

So, what exactly is a Product Video?

Gone are the days when a static catalog image or blueprint was the best way to demonstrate the ins and outs of a particular product (aside from in-person demonstrations, of course). These days, a product video can effectively communicate brand tone while providing a highly useful 3-dimensional look at a particular item. Today, the sky’s the limit in terms of creative, enjoyable and even humorous ways to educate your audience through a product video.

At PixelFish, we remove unnecessary costs and simplify the production processes without sacrificing creative integrity. This means that no matter what your specific goals are, from the traditional “features and benefits” product video to a short film with your product in the starring role, we will gather together a team of bright, creative and experienced production minds to create a fresh, dynamic and effective product video for you, at an affordable rate.

Plus, as a leading provider of video advertising and nationwide distribution, PixelFish can also ensure that your product video be seen online, on mobile devices, on TV and digital signage everywhere!

How do you know if a Product Video is right for you?

If your product benefits truly need to be seen to be believed, if you are entering into an new market, looking for distribution, seeking to mitigate customer service issues by showing installation or use specifics, or are simply interested in driving more traffic to your website, a product video is a great option. The best product videos are informative, with a strong message and a healthy dose of brand personality.

Specifically, product videos are a great option for companies looking to:

  • Promote a new product to a large digital audience or tradeshow
  • Driving traffic to a company website
  • Increase product or brand awareness to drive sales
  • Communicate complex, technical details to a layman’s audience
  • Effectively train new retail or sales staff
Different Product Video Angles

Whether you have a clear idea in mind or are starting from scratch, PixelFish is ready to help you create a product video that achieves your business goals. When we work together, you can expect a hassle-free experience in a fun, relaxed environment.

To get started, consider the following different product video angles:

1. Surprise & Shock One of the greatest product video series of all time, “Will it Blend?” from power blender company Blendtec, relied on the elements of surprise and shock, to turn a seemingly mundane household appliance into a viral hit. We will find the way to demonstrate your product’s features and benefits in a surprising or shocking way..

2. Community & Culture How is your customer-base using your product and what does it allow them to do or experience. One successful angle for a product video is show the variety of ways your product integrates with your customers lifestyle, values and community. No stuffy corporate speak required.

3. Name It & Solve It The average consumers’ day is impeded by a handful of small annoyances that are rarely talked about, but that bother us nonetheless. What frustration can you name, and then solve, through a scenario that can be explored through your product video? Giving the experience of “me too” positions your company as a trusted resource seeking to improve the lives of your customers.

Is a Product Video is right for you?
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