How to Utilize Animated Marketing Videos for Your Business

Animated marketing videos are powerful tools for engaging your audience and explaining how your products and services work. Many prospects and customers who won’t take time to read through your emails, text and articles will spend time watching an interesting animated business video. So, how can you make the best use of this powerful marketing tool? Here are five tips to get you started.

1. Create Short Educational Videos

Ideally, your educational video should be short and sweet — preferably two minutes or shorter. Use your company’s knowledge base or ask your content providers to create a short video script for you. You can also convert some of your existing guides into short educational animated videos. At the end of the video, add a call to action and use it to attract new customers. Promote the video on your website and all your social media accounts.

2. Explain Complex Concepts With Animated Videos

Animation is one of the best tools for explaining anything abstract, conceptual or technical. It offers many business benefits. For example:

  • Tech companies use this to show their clients how certain systems work
  • Explainer videos can be used to demonstrate how abstract concepts like “cloud” services can work for clients
  • These videos work well at the initial stage of the sales funnel or buying cycle
  • Explainer videos can also be used to answer common questions
  • You can place them on YouTube or your homepage for better visibility

3. Make a Walkthrough Video for Your App

Tutorial videos can show your customers or prospects how easy it is to use your product or service. They have multiple uses and applications. Tutorial videos provide step-by-step instructions for using an app on a mobile device or PC and may be used to provide a demo for a service or product.

Anytime you add new features to your user interface, you can create a tutorial video to walk your customers through them. Tutorial videos work for all products, but you may need to break them up into short videos to prevent viewer abandonment.

4. Answer FAQs With Videos

Videos may very well be the best way to answer frequently asked questions. Many users would prefer to spend five minutes watching a well-designed, informative video to solve their problem versus reading short instructions for 2 minutes.

Videos naturally make tasks seem easier because of the combination of visual and audio instructions. You can use videos to help your customer service representatives and to give your customers a better user experience.

5. Create a Whiteboard Video

Whiteboard video animation — also called video scribing — is an excellent branding tool. Use it to provide simple illustrations that show your company’s service or production process, or to present and interpret data quickly. You can also use whiteboard animation to highlight a unique selling proposition and make statements that distinguish your business from others.

There are many other ways to use animated marketing videos for your business. For more ideas and information on video marketing, please contact us by calling 888-308-2009 now. PixelFish is your best choice for online marketing videos that promote your business without breaking your budget.