Utilize Videos on LinkedIn to Drive Leads

If you’ve been creating lead gen videos and posting them on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or your blog, you could generate thousands of views weekly. But have you considered how powerful a video on LinkedIn is for B2B marketing?

Ramp up your LinkedIn lead gen efforts with short videos. Videos are beneficial on LinkedIn because they play automatically as users scroll past the feed. This draws the user’s eye and makes them take a few moments to watch. That’s why they usually have more shares.

A recent report by LinkedIn showed that video content received 20 times more shares than text-based content. And since Microsoft acquired LinkedIn, video ads have been given higher priority.

Here are four simple ways to get more leads with LinkedIn videos.

1. Transform Your Profile From a Resume to a Marketing Tool

Keeping the established resume format on your LinkedIn page is easy. This works well for attracting recruiters and HR managers, but it won’t connect you with decision-makers who can buy your products or services. Follow these tips to do this:

  • Focus on attracting the attention of those who want to do business with you
  • Talk more about how your organization’s products can provide solutions to prospective buyers
  • Place one or more one- to two-minute videos below your summary
  • Let your videos showcase your company’s marketing message in a memorable way

Remember, your video should promote the value your business has to offer and explain how it has helped other companies solve their problems

2. Use Videos to Develop Thought Leadership

Create videos that discuss your industry, including new trends and relevant news and that could affect the business of your prospects. Provide videos that aren’t merely talking about your company’s products and services. Let your audience look forward to hearing your views on industry news and industry reports. The trust you build with industry-related videos will make it easier for your audience to trust and respond well to your content that contains sales pitches.

3. Use Your Short Videos as Lead Magnets

Your revamped LinkedIn profile and short, engaging videos can easily attract the attention of hundreds of prospects daily. But how do you get them to connect with you? You can:

  • Follow up with your prospects by sending them invitations to connect with you
  • Nurture the relationships until they result in viable leads
  • Create more discussions related to your videos in the LinkedIn groups where your target audiences interact
  • Make sure your conversations link to your marketing videos
  • Include a call-to-action that leads your prospects to download mobile friendly e-books, white papers and other material that will guide them through your sales funnel

4. Promote More Content and Build Stronger Relationships

Here are a few ways to build your rapport with prospects:

  • Move them from LinkedIn conversations to a video chat or phone call with you
  • Provide more marketing materials, including longer videos that answer commonly asked questions and clear doubts in the mind of new customers
  • Provide more e-books or customer testimonials that will provide proof of success and convince prospects to subscribe or ask for a demo
  • Offer your prospect a free trial if that will help convince them of the effectiveness of your product or service

At PixelFish, we have the knowledge, expertise and experience needed to create marketing videos that inform, engage, entertain and convert prospects to customers. Contact us online or give us a call at 888-308-2009 for a free demo to learn how we can help you increase your ROI with social media marketing today.