How Video Marketing Affects Holiday Buying Behavior

video marketing

Holiday shopping is in full swing and exactly 50% of holiday shoppers do their buying research on their phones, via video marketing. Even while in a store, half of consumers are watching videos as a resource for their holiday shopping. Further, 90% of shoppers say they discover new products and brands via YouTube. There’s simply not as much brand loyalty or in-person interaction driving holiday shopping as there used to be. Studies show that 61% of holiday shoppers shop new retailers during the holiday season. These stats should light up your business brain like a Christmas tree: video marketing strongly drives holiday buying behavior. Don’t be caught up in the same old marketing ways of the past, such as mailing flyers or jingling bells outside your store. Try reaching your customers through their phones, first.


Which Approach? Inform, Giveaway, Countdowns

Video marketing need not be intrusive, but instructive! A simple 15-second video highlighting stocking stuffers offers advice. Or in the true spirit of Christmas, your brand may offer giveaways or a visually stunning thank-you message to customers. The most enticing offers take advantage of the ticking clock and holiday “these days/weeks only!” type of anticipation. There are so many tones to consider in your video marketing: the spirit of generosity to nostalgia to joy to anticipation all light up people’s hearts, brains, and spending habits. As a business, you simply can’t ignore the pervasiveness and potential of video marketing.


The Anticipation and Urgency of the Holiday Season

The hardest part of the holiday season is that it ends. In fact, January tends to set people in a post-holiday depression. It’s the month people bring up Seasonal Affective Disorder or start new exercise routines in attempt to increase those endorphins. Video marketing that takes advantage of the finite essence of the holiday seasons does the best.

This finite quality of the holiday season creates a huge urgency to buy now or forever miss out! The fear of missing out combined with the immediacy of such a timeline can easily be conveyed in videos declaring countdowns and announcing giveaways. But you must advertise in the places every customer visits: Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and Facebook. These are the busiest, most bustling platforms that billions of the world population visit, and have a huge impact in their shopping decisions and exposure to new brands. Further, tweets and Facebook posts with video attract ten times the engagement as basic calls to action.

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