How Culture & Current Events Influence Video Advertising

video advertising

Video advertising can be an engaging and evocative way to reach your customers and expand into new markets. While you want to use the opportunity to showcase your brand and explain your products or services to people, you also can’t simply put out videos without clear direction. Consider taking some time to think about how culture and current events affect your approach. Here’s a look at just a few of the ways these elements can play a significant role in your advertising efforts.

Understanding How Cultural Shifts Affect Media Consumption

While creating video advertising, you need to think about how people are consuming media. In the past, it worked to just create television ads, and traditional TV ads and direct response marketing can still be an important part of the marketing mix. However, you also need to reach consumers over multiple channels, and to that end, you may want to create videos to be displayed on social media and videos that are optimized for mobile devices.


Keeping the News and Current Events in Mind

It’s also important to keep the cultural zeitgeist in mind. Be mindful of what is happening in the news or in current events, as it may affect how your video may be received. To mitigate this issue, choose a video advertising partner who is keyed into what is happening in the world and who understands how certain images, scenarios, or other elements may affect how your advertising may be perceived by the public.

You don’t just have to remember to be sensitive around current events, but be sensitive in taking a position that may alienate your target clients. We are all familiar with what has transpired politically over the past few months and, although you may have strong opinions one way or the other, taking a strong political stance on behalf of your company can be detrimental. Even when you think you know your target audience, take a step back and consider the alternative. Good marketing is smart marketing!


Tying in Memes or Trends to Video Advertising

In addition to keeping current events and news in mind when developing your video advertising, you may also want to look at popular memes and trends. To appeal to younger audiences, some companies integrate popular memes into their advertisements. Others ride the wave of existing conversations, and they leverage trends to make their advertisements more engaging.


Leveraging Influencers

The right celebrities can also make your video advertising more effective. When you work with social media influencers, in particular, you get the chance to market your product through someone who has a niche audience devoted to them. Consumers are likely to follow in the footsteps of influencers because they trust their opinions, and you don’t necessarily need Kylie Jenner to reach viewers. Consumers are very motivated by micro influencers, and in fact, 40% of Twitter users have made a purchase based on the recommendation of an influencer.


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