Commercials are a great way to get your message out to a mass audience. Not only can you utilize network television, but online channels reach a broad audience as well.  There are a variety of platforms now available, which allow businesses to buy space with a specific audience in mind, which wasn’t possible a generation ago.

Commercials That Resonate

In the past, you could tell customers about your product or service, but contemporary consumers want more. To resonate with prospective clients, you need commercials that reach them on a personal level. Commercial production companies help you craft content that reflects your brand and gives customers a sense of what they’re going to feel when they use your products.

Telling customers how an appliance works or how much money they can save with solar panels, for instance, is never going to be as effective as showing customers how they will feel when they shrink their carbon footprint and start to save the world. Think big!

Marketing That Reflects Your Brand

Your brand’s mission needs to be at the heart of all your marketing efforts, and when you work with PixelFish, we ensure that happens. No matter what your company’s focus is, we ensure your brand’s voice and values are shown in your commercial.

Ideally, you shouldn’t just think about the brand you want to create. Instead, answer this question — how do people perceive your company? If that answer doesn’t match the perception you want associated with your brand, a well-designed and executed commercial can help to bring those ideals together.

Integration With Other Marketing

Contemporary customers expect to see marketing across multiple platforms. They want a continuous relationship between the ads they see on TV, the internet, and print media. Commercial production companies create marketing that works across multiple platforms. Although many commercials are still viewed on television, some companies give a teaser trailer to encourage customers to visit their website or catch the rest of the commercial’s storyline on another platform.

In other cases, commercial production companies make a variety of similar videos with slight differences based on the audience. So, you may end up with unique commercials for each social media platform or one commercial for late night TV audiences and another for day-time audiences.

No matter what your preferred marketing approach is, PixelFish will provide a cohesive commercial experience that speaks to each audience on a personal level, creating valuable brand affinity for your company.


Traditionally, you just bought advertising space and created commercials to run in those time slots. Now, consumers share commercials all across the internet.

When commercial production companies create videos that spark your customer’s interest and make them see not only your product but themselves or the world in a new light, the audience becomes more likely to share those videos.

Commercials are for all sizes of companies. Whether you’re running a small mom-and-pop business or a multinational corporation, you can benefit from working with commercial production companies. To learn more or to set up a consultation, contact us at PixelFish today.