Motion Graphics & Animated Videos

Motion graphics and animated videos can deliver a clear, precise message to your audience, while encouraging engagement with your brand. Working with motion graphics and animation companies is a great way to show people how to use your products or software, and typically, these videos are a lot more affordable than a full-scale production.


Saves Money on Video Production

With a traditional video, you have to hire talent, scout locations, apply for permits, and shoot the video. Although all of those elements help to make a stunning video, they also add to the overall cost. Motion graphics and animation videos don’t require these elements. At PixelFish, we use digital tools to create the majority of the video content, adding voiceovers and music to the final version.

Customizes Content for Unique Personas

Who’s your target persona? In most cases, you probably have more than one type of customer you’re trying to target and, to reach them with marketing that resonates, you can’t use a one-size-fits-all approach. Remember that contemporary consumers are used to having options handpicked for them. When they’re watching videos, listening to music online, or even shopping, they expect the sites they engage with to recommend content based on their browsing history and personal preferences.

Arguably, they are so used to personalized content that they don’t pay attention to general content. PixelFish can help you create a series of videos that are each tailored to appeal to individual target personas. Then we can help you identify the best platforms or time slots to reach these prospective customers.

Improves Existing Marketing Materials

Animation companies can also help you create animated videos that are an extension of your current marketing efforts. Active on social media? Then you need short, concise videos that engage your customers as they scroll by. Going to share a white paper with your clients? Enhance the experience by going digital and integrating instructional videos and animated charts into your paper. Headed to a trade show? Develop a video showcasing your product to play in your booth. Regardless of the type of marketing you’re currently doing, animated videos can help to strengthen your efforts.

Simplifies Complex Content

Motion graphics and animation companies can help you break down very complex subjects into a simplified format. Not only can we outline how to use your product, we can show prospective customers how your product or service will benefit their business or improve their lives. Using voiceovers and clear illustrations can connect with your clients and explain a variety of elements about your business, product, or service.

Evokes Emotion

With all marketing, the most important element is to connect with your audience as people. Professional motion graphics and animation companies can ensure that happens. We work with you to understand your brand and the emotions you want to stir up in your clients. Then, we create content that does exactly that.

To ensure everyone is on the same page, we run the content past you and your marketing team. We may also consult with a focus group or use other methods to make sure the animations are emotionally evocative.

You deserve success. Your business deserves quality marketing. If you’re looking for animation companies, you need PixelFish. To learn more, contact us today.