Promotional Videos

Promotional videos are used to endorse or promote a person, company, product or brand.  There are no limits to what you can do with a live shoot, animation, or motion graphics and text.

These types of videos can increase conversion rates by 80% when placed on a landing page of a website.  Social media sites also show higher rates of engagement with branded videos. Consider partnering with a promotional video production company to assist in your next email campaign and drive traffic to your website, or feature at your next event or convention. It’s no wonder that social media guru, Mark Zuckerberg, stated “I see video as a megatrend,”


Video Content is Popular

PEOPLE LOVE VIDEO. And it’s not because their attention span is shortening, or they cannot focus or hate reading. No, it’s simply because people absorb content on their phone more than their computer. With small phone screens they prefer video in quick, digestible bursts. They save the long-form articles and novels for a computer screen or iPad. They won’t finish a video if it doesn’t grab their attention immediately so promotional video production can’t waste time with slow burns or build up.

Don’t Be Basic

As a brand wanting to reach customers with promotional videos, you want to tell them what they want before they even know it themselves.  And that content will most likely be viewed on a phone screen, often when a person is waiting, commuting, or looking for a distraction. People are familiar to the point of feeling numb with typical ads and you can’t afford to have a typical biker trekking through a perfect pine path in the woods, sappy narration, and an elevator score. You need surprise, dynamic visuals, even absurdity to keep people from turning away.

The Delight and Surprise of Cinemagraphs

Absurdity doesn’t need to be dramatic, just striking. It can simply be a stop motion video of a sweater folding itself up into a box for shipping or a cinemagraph, in which there’s ONE moving element in a seemingly still photograph. For instance, say the product is a recovery protein shake. The visual could be a still image of a skinny person lifting weights but have the SHADOW of a large bicep flexing. The shadow bicep would be a striking video element within an otherwise still picture, and perhaps a tagline along the order of, “Be your strongest self.” A cinemagraph catches someone’s attention because people don’t expect just one arm, especially a shadow, to be moving in a still image. Further, this cinemagraph gets across the point that the protein powder allows a skinny guy to live up to that potential. Cinemagraphs are wonderful for highlighting a product and guiding the eye on what to focus. Customers could zero in on the flapping of the sweater you aim to sell or the result-driven video of that bulging bicep. A picture says a thousand words but a cinemagraph says a million!

All of the Skills and None of the BS

Promotional video production elements like cinemagraphs and stop motion cannot be created by the typical social media content creator. You require promotional video production team with expertise in animation, graphic design, and video editing. That’s where we come in. PixelFish is a team of people with individual skill sets. We not only know the trends, we look ahead in forecasting and anticipating the future ones. We’re visually savvy creators, well versed in today’s digital landscape. Let us create iconic content for your brand and you’ll get the clicks, customers, and 80% conversion rate to propel you forward.

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