Corporate Videos

Every day, every hour, your target customers are binging on video content. PixelFish has created landmark, legacy content for nearly one thousand brands. With a 90% retention rate and a premier video provider for Google, Hitachi and ADP, to marketing firms including ReachLocal,, and, PixelFish is a major player in corporate video production.


Custom Video for You

PixelFish specializes in corporate videos for a variety of industries. We customize every video to our client’s needs, whether it’s a promotional video, commercial, testimonial, animation/motion graphics video, training video, events/conferences/awards showcases, or CEO profile video.

We reach excellence in corporate video production by using state of the art equipment, green screens, drones, portable dollies, film-standard lighting and sound, and 4K and HD cameras for superb visual and audio professional content. From concept to production to post, our creatives, scriptwriters, DPs, gaffers, boom operators, and video editors deliver your core message, core images, and core identity to target audiences.

Whether you need internal pieces, such as staff training or trade show videos, or external pieces such as promotional videos or social media content, we adjust our strategy and visuals to create the story that matches your brand’s theme, voice, and main message.

Profile of Current Clientele

As a corporate video company, we represent all types of companies in size, industry, and voice. We’ve recently had an influx in home appliances, as well as pharmaceutical companies and car dealerships.

The way we keep up with our surging clientele is that 80% of our current business is referral! Our clients consider us their best kept secret in a hidden gem way, so they don’t like to see us marketing ourselves. But we can’t toot everyone else’s horn except our own when we’re proud of our content, reputation, and success!

Why Choose PixelFish?

What makes PixelFish special? Why should you choose to work with us? It’s not just our state-of-the-art equipment or corporate video company testimonials. It’s the talent behind the technology and the delighted customers that make us stand out. We are a powerhouse of expertise, not only as individuals but as a team. And if you know anything about video production shoots, you know teamwork makes all the difference. We’ve worked together with synergy and mutual respect for 12 years.

Our process starts with our creatives that conceptualize the idea, writers who draft a script and storyboard artists that bring the imagery to life. From there, our video production team brings the story to life with cameras, visuals, lighting, and sound. Finally, our video editors piece it all together in a coherent, compelling story. One brilliant mind is amazing, but several brilliant minds working together is iconic.

We look forward to creating iconic, informative, and innovative video content to make your brand recognizable everywhere you want to be. If you’d like to learn more, contact us online today and see how well we fit your brand’s story!