Testimonial Videos

We don’t have to tell you how important testimonial videos are right now. Think of your most recent purchase. If you’re looking  to buy a car, a computer, or even a gym membership, chances are that one of the first things you’re going to do is check reviews and what other people are saying about it.  Although written reviews are influential, nothing speaks louder than testimonial videos, where 1.8 million words are communicated across the screen per minute.

People are relying more on video than ever before and, as Cisco has projected, an incredible 75% of the world’s mobile data will be comprised of video by the year 2020. Instagram reports a 300% growth in video activity from year to year.


Why Use Testimonial Videos?

For your potential customers, a video testimonial can be the next best thing to a hands-on demo. It is easier to determine through a video testimonial than through a print review, forum posts, or a banner ad whether something is user-friendly, the quality of the product, or how well it functions. Perhaps more importantly, these testimonials can help to create a sense of community surrounding a product or service. They provide a human touch and feel far more personal than a paragraph-long blip of an Amazon review.

Human beings are hardwired to respond to the audio and visual cues that we receive from other human beings. Seeing the look on a happy customer’s face and hearing the happy tone in their voice goes a lot farther than reading a list of pros and cons at the end of a magazine or website column. In fact, if you couple the fact that researchers identified positive peaks in brain activity after playing about 200 milliseconds of voice recordings with the fact that a person’s dopamine receptors are activated by images of things they desire, you have the perfect combination of creating a positive experience for your client that encourages action. Statistics show that if you take two competing brands and, all other things being equal, the brand that uses video in their marketing content is likely to have 3x the engagement rate as the brand that relies on their ad copy to do all the work. The human element is critical, and your viewers’ use of sight and sound is essential.

In other words, pushing your brand with video content is scarcely even a choice anymore, but a given. The only question is how to go about it.

Testimonial Video Production from PixelFish

There are plenty of businesses that rely on video reviews from clients but, if you are establishing your brand as professional, reliable, and high-quality, the content you produce must show the same.

Many video reviews are recorded in an impromptu manner, on a computer or even mobile device.  The quality of technology may have evolved, but the quality of the content has not.

Using professional testimonial video production to capture the reactions of satisfied customers in a controlled environment with clean sound, sharp picture, and an appealing presentation can have an impact.  However, just as important is the editing process and putting the footage together to tell a story about one’s experience with a product, service, or brand.

You can’t ignore the need for video promotion in the current market, and professional quality video testimonials can make for content that stands out among the rest. Content that doesn’t blend into the white noise of social media, but cuts right through it to deliver a clear, appealing message on behalf of your brand.

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