Customer Service and the COVID-19 Pandemic

COVID-19 altered daily routines, caused financial hardships, and consequences of social isolation have been among the effects of the pandemic. Businesses continue to struggle in maintaining customer service through the COVID-19 pandemic and maintaining standards that represent their goals and principles. Below are the factors that affect the customer service…

Why You Should Use Digital Video Marketing

Vlogging, Tik Tok Channels, Instagram Reels, and of course YouTube have all become increasingly popular as of late. We’re living in a visually-driven virtual world and video assists in shaping it all. So we can clearly say that Video Marketing is the future of marketing. It provides a more personable…

Ten Digital Marketing Trends In 2022

This list of digital marketing trends for the year 2022 is based on our extensive analysis of a number of search trends, online trends, and social media trends. We believe that these trends are going to be the most significant in the next decade. As you read this list, consider…

5 Tech Trends That Will Steer The Future of Digital Marketing

Technology gave birth to digital marketing. And it’s technology that continues to shape it and magnify its use in promoting products and services into the future. Marketing experts foresee the following technological trends that will escalate the future of digital marketing.

Motion Graphics and Animation Specialists

Motion graphics and aniCount to five. That is as much time you have to stop a person in their tracks. But how do you do that? You need a gripping concept and engaging visuals, in order to stand out. That is why we are seeing a rise in the production of motion graphics and animated videos, as businesses strive to capture the audience’s attention and deliver their message.mation