A Behind-The-Scenes Look Into PixelFish

The quality of video production services offered by PixelFish start with conversations between the creative team and the client about the ideal visualization of their brand, their story, and the product that they’re putting out into the world. Rob Archer, Post-Production Supervisor, has worked for PixelFish since he graduated college nearly fifteen years ago and bears witness to the company’s trajectory as a fully-fledged video production company that, over the years, has made custom work tailored to the needs of its clients as its defining mark.

On the day-to-day level, Rob facilitates the transition of footage from the crews in field production to the post production team, reviewing the raw footage and preparing it for the editing stage. He organizes the footage, breaks it down into digestible morsels, and “finds good nuggets of information” that follow the vision of the creative team, which Rob is an active participant, and exemplify what the client, business or organization needs to communicate to their audience.

Rob testifies firsthand that quality corporate video production services start from conversations with PixelFish clients about the ideal visualization of their brand, their story, and the product that they’re putting out into the world. This process happens in collaboration with the PixelFish creative team, which includes its scriptwriter, Andy, who works this information into a personalized narrative. Not only do Andy’s scripts come alive with live action, but motion graphic video production emerges through storyboarding, which Rob describes as looking through “visual windows to see if the story flows.” PixelFish’s clients are at liberty to suggest tweaks and modifications to the storyboard before the animation process begins, under Rob’s leadership. Rob describes motion graphics advertising as, at the core, an exercise in giving images “motion and life,” which is designed to both grab viewers’ attention and showcase a featured product without falling flat.

At PixelFish, video marketing isn’t only accomplished through the solitary work of experienced specialists like Rob. He describes its employees as nimble “jacks-of-all-trades.” Video production doesn’t happen in a dark room lit by the glow of editing software–PixelFish works with companies of every size, so it adapts its creative, storyboarding and editing processes to suit individual client needs. This means that a video editor like Rob is present at early stages of the process, and the physical work of piecing together footage doesn’t happen in isolation.

From broadcast commercials to internal videos, the scope of work is broad and diverse, keeping the job fun and constantly changing.  One of Rob’s current projects takes place in the world of testimonial video production. Rob is the key editor for all Google videos that are produced by PixelFish, so he is well versed in editing testimonials tailored towards Google’s marketing customers to communicate how well its product works in a concise, visually appealing way. For another project, the footage features a panel of marketing experts; the final cut is a series of internal training videos. From editing for a very specific to a very general audience, Rob works with an eye towards the demographic that client videos are intended to reach. Besides working within the client’s budget, PixelFish is known in the industry for its fast delivery and, in his fifteen years with PixelFish, Rob has mastered the challenge of quick turnaround time–from raw footage and voiceover recording to a finished advertisement, testimonial, or motion graphic takes about three business days on average.

PixelFish is practiced in the art of offering video production services to companies large and small. For instance, in a scenario in which a large company has acquired a few smaller companies, PixelFish will produce videos that play a large role in bringing people together who are new to collaborating with one another. This same practice of visually communicating “who” a company is translates into advertising for smaller local businesses. Ultimately, PixelFish is built on its experience with working within a wide range of budgets, target demographics, and client products, and as Rob notes, this customized video production service has become its signature over the years.