Using Video To Tell A Compelling Story

People connect to stories because they speak to a greater human experience and in modern society we connect to stories through video. We use stories to entertain, inform, and inspire. Storytelling is an opportunity for your customers to connect and interact with your brand on a deeper level. The right video service company can help you craft marketing videos that add a personal tone, share a compelling story, and reach new customers.

Storytelling With Video Services Reaches People Emotionally

Your customers are hardwired to respond to videos. Videos contain visual and auditory effects that draw in viewers and create emotional connections. When people watch videos, they feel a strong sense of empathy toward the characters or stories on the screen. Video service professionals know how to craft a story that elicits the emotional responses you want people to feel when they think about your brand. Whether that’s joy, relief, humor, trust, or any other core value, you can unearth those emotions through video services.

Video Services Tell Stories Quickly

Approximately 40% of consumers report they would rather watch a branding video than read the same information in text form.

Beyond that preference, videos are able to express stories faster and more efficiently than text or static visuals on their own. In less than a second, you can show your audience a wide range of images mixed with audio that expresses a compelling story about your brand, product, or services. In a handful of seconds, you can grab the attention of a new customer, increase loyalty with existing customers, and convince people to make a purchase or take another action.

Storytelling Videos Include Multiple Engaging Elements

With video services, you combine several core elements to create engaging marketing materials. Videos include:

  • Visuals— Live action, images, motion graphics, animation, text work together to engage views visually.
  • Audio—Carefully crafted narrative, music and sound effects convey the tone you want your audience to hear.

You can also opt for a variety of different types of videos:

  • Promotional Videos—Typically, these videos feature case studies, interviews, or testimonials that explore the efficacy of your product or service. They can be editorial or advertorial.
  • Informational Videos—These tutorials, overviews, and educational videos explain how to make the most of your products and services in compelling ways that make consumers want your offerings in their lives.
  • Culture Marketing—Consumers want a company they can trust and a brand that reflects their feelings about the world. With cultural marketing, you use storytelling to show the world your brand, mission, and people.
  • Social Videos—These videos are perfectly crafted to reach people as they scroll through their social media feeds. They can be educational, infotainment, or just pure entertainment, but in all cases, you want content people feel compelled to share.
  • Immersive Formats—Although videos are often passive, they can also be immersive thanks to 360-technology, virtual reality, and augmented reality.

Are you ready to embrace video services to create engaging stories to reach your customers and to draw in new customers? Then, contact us today. At PixelFish, we make award-winning videos for companies worldwide.