How YouTube Pay Per Click Ads Work

Have you ever wondered how YouTube pay-per-click (PPC) ads work?  The site, which is owned by Google, uses a strategy that ensures you pay only when people find your ads relevant and engaging.

This setup means you won’t waste money on people outside your target audience or pay to reach individuals who won’t care about your offerings. Ideally, YouTube pay per view ads will connect with people who click on them because they want to learn more about your product. This process makes money for Google as well as for your company if you make a conversion.

To learn more about the function of YouTube advertising and pay per view ads and how PixelFish works with Google on YouTube in-stream advertising, read on.

How YouTube Video Ads Work

YouTube offers a number of different types of advertising, but not all of them are PPC. Preroll video space is available on a pay-per-click basis on the video site. The YouTube ads run before the video you want to watch. Advertisers can target their ads based on any number of different factors, including:

  • Demographics
  • Google search histories
  • Videos people watched in the past
  • Interaction with your video ads in the past, which is called remarketing
  • Keyword searches

Your videos get placed alongside content your target audience is most likely to watch. So, for instance, say you own a dog food company. Your ads might run ahead of videos about dogs, which are more likely to be watched by people who like dogs. The algorithm is more complicated, of course, but YouTube generally aims to deliver relevant advertiser content to its audience.

Each ad should include a call to action that invites people to visit your site and find more information about your product or service. When people click on that CTA within the ad, you get charged. You want to ensure the people you send to your website have every intention of learning more about your services so that they can make a purchase, which means creating the best quality of video content for your YouTube video ads.

PixelFish Is a YouTube Partner

PixelFish has been a Google partner, since the infancy stage of YouTube.  This has given us valuable insight and understanding of the platform and PPC marketing. We have created and run YouTube in-stream advertising on behalf of Google and its clients for over a decade. We know which strategies are most effective and what type of content resonates with people surfing on the site. We’re Google’s premier provider for producing video content, and that includes YouTube advertising.

This experience makes us the ideal company to work with for your next video marketing campaign. We use our knowledge to assist our customers, no matter how big or small their budgets or the size of their companies. When you work with us, you’ll get the benefit of our experience with YouTube. Since Google is always tweaking its services to make them better, this sort of knowledge can be invaluable to any campaign.

Are you interested in a PPC YouTube campaign? Working with us will ensure you get helpful guidance throughout every step. Get in touch to discuss your goals.