New Marketing Strategies to Try in Light of GDPR

In May 2018, the European Union began enforcement of a new rule called the General Data Protection Regulation. Not sure what that entails? Here’s a quick GDPR overview — the intent is to offer EU residents more control over their personal information online. The increasing frequency of data breaches and privacy concerns voiced by consumers led to the implementation of these new guidelines, which took years to iron out.

They impose strict regulations over what type of personal data can be collected and how it can be used. Companies operating within the EU that offer goods and services to EU residents in violation of the rules will face fines.

This change has, understandably, sparked many organizations to re-examine their marketing policies to ensure they stay within the law. But you can also view it as an opportunity to experiment with new marketing tactics and see what’s most effective in this new internet environment.

Add Permissions to Your Opt-Ins

Many marketing tactics up until now relied on an assumption that people wanted to opt in. For example, a form someone filled out to learn more about a service might not include a specific permission to send newsletters. Instead, companies would take whatever email addresses they harvested from this form and add them to a mailing list.

To stay compliant with GDPR, you should exercise caution in this area and add a box for people to tick when they give you their information. This box explicitly lays out their interest in staying informed through newsletters or other event information. It also means they consent to your company’s privacy policy.

Put a Link to Unsubscribe in Your Newsletters

So much of GDPR compliance is about putting the power into consumers’ hands. By simply adding a prominent link in your newsletters allowing people to unsubscribe, you give them control. In addition to the unsubscribe link, you can prominently feature a link to a user profile within the newsletter — a place where people can manage all their preferences, such as opting in or out for other messages.

Add Video Marketing to Your Ad Mix

Content creation can be a valuable way to sidestep GDPR concerns. To see your video, people won’t have to share any of their information, allowing you to stay within the proper boundaries.

Experiment With Push Notifications

Push notifications are messages that pop up on a user’s mobile or desktop device with information about a company, such as a new game that has become available. Because the consumer must opt-in for a push notification, you’ll stay within the GDPR guidelines with this marketing strategy.

The GDPR impacts on businesses will be felt for some time to come, so it’s best to embrace the new rules and see them as a rewarding challenge. By trying out new strategies, you may find even better ways to promote your products and services. We can help you with that endeavor since we have a thorough understanding of B2B and B2C marketing and GDPR. Contact PixelFish today to discuss your options.