How to Use Video in Email Marketing

Have you considered using video in email marketing? If not, you’re missing out. Combining video and email marketing is a powerful strategy you can use to spice up your email marketing. It’s like Coldplay and BTS collaborating with music. Both British and South Korean bands have their own following. Coming together they were able to utilize their individual strengths to reach a larger audience.  Needless to say, a hit was made and records were broken. 

In parallel, video and email marketing each has its own marketing ‘records’ and following. Email marketing is famous for generating the highest ROI among marketing channels . . . and video is famous for being the preferred content format people love to consume. But you already know these 2 tools are marketing rockstars in their own right. 

Still, you might say, “Okay, they each deliver as marketing tools individually but do they still work their magic when banded together?”

You’ll see in the next section 5 ways to leverage video in your emails.

Five Ways to Leverage Video

1) To tell the story of your company or brand

If you have an interesting origin story, it deserves to be told. And what better way of telling that story than in video format? Telling your subscribers and customers your humble beginnings will build the “KLT” (Know-Like-and-Trust) factor. Getting subscribers to know your brand more will make them more comfortable buying from you. It can also be an arena to convey the values upon which your company is built.

2) To show how to use your product or how it works

If you are selling a technical or complicated product or service, a clearer way to elucidate it is through an explainer video. You can show the step-by-step process more graphically in a video than with plain text. And even if your product is not that complicated, a fun or engaging video can also do wonders as it can catch more attention. That’s why it’s not surprising that people tend to spend more time on the webpage or emails when there’s a video as opposed to just text. The more engaged your subscriber is, the more chances they’ll make a purchase.

3) To show how your product is made

Have you been to restaurants where they actually cook right in front of you? Whether you’re having teppanyaki or hibachi, you’ll relish your meal as the chef impresses you with their knife skills, culinary flair, and even their knack for entertaining.

Emailing a video showing how your product is made to your email subscribers and customers can also be your way of showcasing your expertise and the kind of quality you pour into your product.

For instance, sustainable brands can highlight their craftsmanship with the use of sustainable materials using videos showing how their products are made. This will show authenticity that your brand is truly eco-friendly, thus, appealing to eco-conscious consumers.

4)  To promote a new product or service

New products ought to make waves when introduced. Emailing intriguing promotional videos for a new product will arouse the interest of potential buyers. And the great thing about email marketing, when you’ve been doing it for quite some time, is that you can segment the market and send the teaser videos first to the most likely interested subscribers based on their subscriber profiles. Whetting the appetite of potential buyers is a step towards a successful product launch.

5) To demonstrate social proof

Social proof is one of the best ways to convince your subscribers to buy your product. You’d rather buy a product with lots of positive reviews rather than a one-star or “No-reviews-yet”, right? That’s why video testimonial videos are very powerful persuasion tools. When done right, text testimonials can be effective. But unlike testimonials that are in between quotation marks, testimonials where you put a face to who said the positive reviews will sound even more credible to prospects. 

There are many other ways you can use video in email, whether to boost your brand identity, increase sales and conversion, or simply strengthen the bond you’re building with your subscribers.

If you need more specific video email ideas or someone to help you create a quality video to portray your brand, contact us at PixelFish. We are here to help!