Elevating Your Marketing with the Fusion of Content, Search, and Video

Content marketing is expected to generate a revenue of $107.5 billion in 2026. At the same time, 40% of the US ad revenue is generated through search, whereas revenue generation through video marketing is forecasted to spike in the next few years. 

So, what do you put together with this information? We’d say content, search, and video are the Holy Trinity in the marketing world. 

A fusion of the trio could elevate the effectiveness of your current marketing efforts and amplify your reach. Here’s a guide on why and how you should combine all three elements. 

Why Combine Video, Search, and Content Marketing 

If you take a look at the marketing strategy of any renowned brand, you’ll notice one thing: they never take the single-channel approach. Instead, it’s always omnichannel, where they use multiple platforms in conjunction for maximum efficiency. 

On the one hand, they’d be creating stellar content for social media, and on the other, their search marketing would be as closely aligned with Google’s algorithm as possible. They would also be churning out engaging videos, often made by professional agencies, to really hit the message home.

What are the advantages of such an approach? You may wonder. 

A strategic cocktail of content, search, and video marketing can help you maximize your visibility and reach more potential customers. It also gives your brand a certain appeal. 

The individual contribution of each of these avenues is as such: 

  • Content marketing creates a strong brand identity for your audience to resonate with. It also amps up your SEO game, putting you on the front page of search engine results. 
  • Search marketing helps your audience find you amidst the sea of competition. It ties in perfectly well with content marketing. After all, who will read your content if it’s not easily accessible? 
  • Globally, consumers spend 100 minutes watching videos every day. So, it makes sense to tap into video marketing to captivate the attention of potential customers. 

Put all three together, and you have just the formula to crack the code to marketing success. 

How to Make a Successful Fusion of Content, Search and Video Marketing?

Creating this trifecta of success involves a certain degree of finesse. Here’s what you need to get it right: 

  • A well-defined branding strategy consistent across all platforms, including the web, social media and email campaigns
  • An SEO team that can keep your content optimized for search engine rankings
  • Quality content relevant to your audience
  • A video marketing team or agency that can craft compelling visuals for social media campaigns and other digital media 

Once you’ve got the requisites, you can go ahead and follow these steps to combine the three pillars of marketing success. 

Step 1: Ace Your Content Marketing 

Think of content marketing as the glue holding the three pillars together. It’s the one that sets the foundation for search engine optimization and video marketing. 

Start by understanding your target audience and their needs. Hubspot also recommends setting SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Time-bound) goals. Couple them with KPIs (Key Performance Indicators), like website traffic and conversions, to monitor progress. 

Then, go on to decide which type of content you want to create. Will it be long-form blog posts, short snippets, infographics, podcasts, or a blend of all? 

Now, this is where you sneak in video marketing, too. A recent Wyzowl study found that 91% of consumers prefer seeing video content from their favorite brands. That’s a cue for you to invest in creating quality video content. 

Step 2: Incorporate Video Through Various Platforms

Content marketing is not merely limited to blogs and websites. Other avenues include podcasts, press releases, social media, apps, print publications, etc. 

You need to incorporate video content in each one. Here’s how: 

  • Social Media: Promotional videos, how-to videos, behind-the-scenes, product reviews, etc. 
  • Podcasts: Video trailers, short video clips of live recordings, interview snippets. 
  • Apps: Video tutorials and product demos. 
  • Blogs: Animations, motion graphics, explainer videos, and customer testimonials. 
  • Website: Product videos, video reviews, and product tours. 

Nearly 86% of marketers have been using video marketing in their campaigns since 2021. Don’t lag in jumping on the bandwagon. 

Pro Tip: Although all video formats work, short-form video content gets 2.5 times more attention than its long-form counterpart. Don’t skimp on adding TikTok to your video marketing strategy

Step 3: Market Your Content on Search Engines

By now, you have content on your marketing channels, and that content includes videos. It’s time for the next ingredient: search engine marketing

Since you’ve created content, you must have already done keyword research to find relevant words and phrases that your target audience is using to search. Now, it’s time to use those in your SEM strategy. 

Google Ads is your go-to platform for SEM. Every ad you see on Google actually goes through an auction process in which you bid against other advertisers for the same keywords.

Let’s say you win. You can then customize your ad to appear as a text ad or video ad. Link your ad to a landing page where you have video-based and otherwise engaging content so that people stay on your site longer and eventually convert. 

Step 4: Monitor and Optimize

Marketing isn’t a once-done and never-reviewed kind of thing. It’s a process that needs to be monitored and optimized regularly for maximum effectiveness. 

Remember the KPIs we talked about earlier? It’s time to use them. 

Keep an eye on which marketing tactics show positive results. Do more of what works and less of what doesn’t.

Monitor your advertising spending as well. If you do not see the desired results, it’s time to re-strategize or adjust your budget.

Experience the Potential of Content-Video-Search Fusion

When it comes to using a blend of all three tactics, most brands do justice to search and content marketing since they’re relatively easier to implement.

However, video marketing is usually a weak point since an organization may not have in-house personnel or budget to produce quality videos. 

That’s where a digital marketing agency like PixelFish comes in to save the day. From promotional and training videos to commercials and motion graphics, we create a host of video types to meet the goals of the modern marketer. Get in touch to learn more.