Why Your Company Culture Is Essential to Building Your Brand

The corporate culture at Google is so iconic that it’s actually been featured in a movie. In “The Internship,” the employees are shown enjoying what can only be referred to as an adult playground — a place where desserts are unlimited, desks are optional and massages are given on demand. Little wonder so many people want to work for Google in real life.

As the Google example shows us, strong company culture can help your business in many ways. Companies are driven by the idea that when their employees are happy, they will work harder. More people will also want to gain employment with your business. Every year, magazines make lists of companies with the best culture, with perks ranging from free haircuts to exquisite gyms.

Something those lists often overlook, though, is how important corporate culture can be to building your brand. This give-and-take will form the backbone for the strongest companies.

What Constitutes a Good Brand?

Good brands are more than just a good-looking logo. While Apple’s bite-from-the-apple logo has become ubiquitous, the company wouldn’t have achieved success if it were just the fruit. What makes Apple a model for other companies is the products it produces, the way it predicts trends and its focus on aesthetics.

To understand how business culture can enhance branding, you have to know what makes a good brand. Google is, of course, a prime example. The company has a clearly defined purpose — to organize information and make it accessible to everyone. The implementation of that mission has changed over the years, moving beyond search results and into communication, social media, video and more. But through it all, Google has continued to deliver on its original promise of informing and remaining accessible.

As a brand, you should decide what you stand for and what you want to do for your customers. Your company culture should then reflect those aims.

Turning Your Brand Inward

Turning your brand inward is just another way of saying you should practice what you preach. If your branding focuses on quality, then your corporate culture should reflect that devotion. Oftentimes a great brand is judged by how strong the company behind it is. If you have good ideas but weak implementation, or strong beliefs that aren’t reflected in your hiring policies, then you will fail at branding.

Living your company values will make hiring easier. Your reputation will attract top talent to your door. When you keep these people happy, you reap the benefits of their loyalty.

But I have a small company, you may be thinking. What if I can’t afford to dole out free desserts? Corporate culture isn’t just about perks. It’s also about showing that your employees mean something to you. So perhaps you give your workers a day off each quarter to volunteer. Maybe you offer free daycare services at the office, or you allow employees to telecommute three times a week. You do what you can to show you value the people who work for you.

Company culture makes your business unique. Other people may have the same products or similar services as you. It’s the way you offer them and the motivation behind them that stands out. Show that your business culture mirrors those things, and you will have succeeded in establishing your brand. Interested in learning more about branding? Contact PixelFish for more information.