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Thank you for your interest in learning more about how we can help create a great hospitality commercial for your business. Hospitality commercials can portray a welcoming environment for your service before a customer even sets foot inside your business. At PixelFish, we believe that the use of video advertising is perfect for restaurants, travel agencies, hotels, motels, cruise lines, and other hospitality businesses as an alternative to the traditional print brochure.

So, what exactly is a hospitality commercial?

In an increasingly fast-paced, impersonal world, the need for genuinely personal hospitality experiences becomes a precious commodity. The smallest interaction is often the most meaningful, be it with your restaurant waitress, hotel concierge or tour bus driver.

Hospitality commercials create a crystal-clear snapshot of your business. Whether your company exudes a fancy, luxurious vibe or a neighborhood feel, hospitality commercials help lure customers into your unique world. This gets people talking about your brand in a positive manner before they even experience the real thing. It’s exactly this sort of buzz that makes hospitality commercial productions a key part of your marketing strategy.

How do you know if a hospitality commercial is right for you?

People are constantly looking to travel and escape. How they become exposed to a travel or entertainment service can determine whether they choose to invest in that service. And where they choose their restaurant or vacation destination depends mostly on word of mouth. By launching your own travel commercial or restaurant commercial, you can jump-start the customer experience by immersing people in your world through a powerful medium that appeals to the senses.

Types of hospitality commercials:

  1. Fine Dining and Fast Food Restaurant Commercials: Nothing makes you hungrier than seeing delicious food on your TV or computer monitor. Restaurants know this and often utilize visual effects to enhance this sensation further. Next time anyone gets hungry, make them think of your restaurant first.
  2. Hotel, Motel, and Spa Commercials: Conveying a feeling of comfort and rich accommodations are common to these hospitality commercials, which typically show off a pampered living space or relaxed spa center treatment.
  3. Travel and Tourism Commercials: For shuttle transportation, cruise lines, airlines, amusement parks, travel agencies, and sightseeing services, travel, and tourism commercials console viewers with safe and sometimes exotic depictions of comfort and escapism.

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