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Thank you for your interest in learning more about how we can help create a great commercial for your car dealership. A well-crafted, promotional video can increase local awareness for your dealership, redirect competitors’ customer leads to you and ultimately drive sales and increase your bottom line. At PixelFish we believe that the use of video advertising is ideal for car dealerships as this form is increasingly becoming the norm for engaging auto marketing.

So, what exactly is a car dealership commercial?

These days it seems like every town in America has a local car dealer’s face on television. Car dealership commercials are a perfect way to introduce a car sale to your community because they offer a more personalized approach to your residents than national car ads.

Merely having a car dealership commercial on the air is a sign of strength and prosperity for your business. Many people who watch TV associate commercial subjects with larger-than-life figures. By investing in this strategy for your car dealership, we can help you establish your dealership as a household name for families throughout your county and even in neighboring towns.

How do you know if a car dealership commercial is right for you?

The automotive industry spends more money on car commercials each year than any other industry. The problem is that while consumers may have an interest in a particular car, it isn’t immediately obvious where they should purchase that car. At PixelFish we’ll elevate the profile of your car dealership by making it stand out from the bunch. So many current car dealership commercials have a reputation for their low-budget production value and dated editing techniques. Let us help your dealership break that mold. As an award-winning production house, PixelFish uses the latest industry-standard equipment so our commercials always look polished and timely. If you want to generate more interest and awareness for your dealership, attention-grabbing TV ads can achieve that.

Types of car commercials:

  1. Informational Dealership Commercials: These car commercials usually appear on broadcast TV for a long term and serve as a constant reminder to local residents that their dealership exists. As not everyone thinks about buying a car all of the time, this is a great way for a dealership to reside in the community’s consciousness.
  2. Big Promotion Dealership Commercials: One of the more common ads is for a dealership’s holiday sale or seasonal promotion. These ads emphasize big savings opportunities for a limited time.
  3. Owner-Centric Dealership Commercials: Giving potential consumers “a face with a name” is another popular strategy for televised car dealership ads which can create celebrity status through an owner’s charismatic personality.

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