Why Brands and Agencies Should Use Video?

As we have mentioned in our previous blogs, one of the digital trends for 2022 is video marketing and we explore why brands and agencies should use video.

The shift of video advertising is happening!

Before we explore the benefits of using video in marketing, let us take a glimpse of the statistics on using digital content in your business.


According to Wyzowl:

  • After the survey of 582 respondents last December 2021, 86% of the businesses are using videos as a marketing tool.
  • Out of these respondents, 46% said that it is easier to convince customers when showing the value of their products through video content.
  • The majority of videos used are live-action videos (42%), animated videos (33%), and screen-recorded videos (15%).
  • 94% of marketers claim employing video content has increased customer understanding of a product or service.

It is most likely that video marketing is promising. Businesses in any line should take advantage of this.


We are now breaking down the benefits of Video-Based Marketing both for brands and agencies.

  • Video marketing is more than a trend. It has become a way for businesses to reach out to their consumers and customers on an even more personal level. With the benefits that video marketing offers, no wonder more and more businesses are incorporating this channel into their marketing strategies.
  • Video marketing will get the brand noticed when used effectively. Making a good video marketing strategy is all about engaging customers and helping them identify with the brand in some way or another.
  • It is also one of the best ways to educate and entertain customers. According to studies, 84% of consumers have been encouraged to purchase after seeing a video, and they are twice as likely to share the content online than other forms of material. According to Cisco, video will make up 82 percent of all online traffic this year.
  • If the conversion rates are dropping, it may be the right time to give some thought to doing video marketing. When a company is tight on budget, this can be great news — but what if a single video barely earns 20 cents? Video plays an increasingly important role in advertiser spending strategies. It is important that you’re getting value from every single dollar spent on your campaigns.

But how do you monitor the performance of your video ads? What metrics do you track so you see where or when people like your videos? How can you keep up when everyone else is doing it? And most importantly: how do you convince clients that your efforts will improve ROI?


Video-based marketing helps you engage with your audience in a way that is more compelling and offers more value than traditional marketing methods. It can increase conversions to reach the campaign goals.

Get the Edge

In addition to communicating with customers, video-based marketing gives an advantage over competitors. Video helps establish trust with your customers which makes them more likely to buy from you in the future.

Drive Traffic

A video-based marketing approach can increase search engine optimization (SEO), which will drive more traffic to the website and other online assets.

Affective Branding

Through video-based marketing, it builds trust with customers by showing them who you are and what you stand for. It’s more engaging than other forms of communication because it engages the audience’s brain in a different way from text or even still images. You’ll have more control over what people see when they scroll through their feed if it is video content instead of static images/infographics or blog posts that don’t move much at all; this means that people will be more likely to engage with your post even if they don’t click through directly

Repurpose Assets

Repurposing one asset into multiple pieces of content, allows a strategic approach to send the message in a variety of ways on many different platforms. Video is also a very cost-effective form of marketing because it doesn’t have to be expensive like traditional ads or print materials. It’s also easy for businesses to produce and implement, making it an appealing option for any company looking to expand its reach online.

Do you believe that when it comes to video-based marketing, the content is king?

A well-planned video script can provide a clear message so that the audience understands the benefits of using your product or service. The video should provide enough value that viewers want to share with their friends to demonstrate their expertise on the subject matter and hopefully get a referral fee for introducing a new customer.

Only after customers comprehend what the product accomplishes and how it will benefit them, that is when they will purchase it. It is not surprising that videos are such an effective tool for this because the visual aspect makes it easier for firms to explain how things function.

So, if you’re not using video, you might be missing out on some of the benefits that video marketing offers. You got to think about it. Visit our website to know more, click here -> https://www.pixelfish.com/