Video Production for Pharmaceutical Companies

A robust marketing plan should include a range of elements, and even if your company has never forayed into the world of video marketing before, you need to consider it now. Why are video production services so essential? Take a look at these five reasons.

Your Customers Are Watching Videos Online

Your customers are online and they are watching videos. Of all the people who head to the internet every day, 80% of them are watching videos, and over half of the total world (55%) watches videos online on a daily basis. The team at YouTube reports that their viewership doubles every year.

To reach these people, you need video production services that can help you create compelling, informative videos about your pharmaceutical products. Best of all, once they finish watching great videos, 92% of consumers share them, helping to ensure your message is spread far and wide.

Video Appeals to People’s Emotions

When you sell pharmaceuticals, you really have to appeal to people’s emotions. There are a lot of feelings, passions, and fears wrapped up in healthcare, and video helps you appeal to the emotional side of the decision-making process in a compelling way. You can help people see why they shouldn’t fear asking for help, you can help convince them that their life will be richer with the right medication, and most importantly, you can help them start the journey to better health. You also have more time to do that than you do with text. While people may stop reading web content or just skim it (especially jargon-heavy medical content), they almost always watch the bulk of most videos. In fact, 65% of people say that they always watch at least three-quarters of a video.

Consumers Remember More From Videos

Research also shows that consumers tend to remember more from videos. If you’re trying to explain complex ways that certain medications can help you, video production services help to ensure that information sticks in your consumers’ heads. Similarly, even messages such as “Ask your doctor” about this medication are more likely to be remembered when they are delivered to consumers in video form.

Videos Help With Conversion and Engagement

Regardless of where you place your videos, they have a unique opportunity to engage your customers and boost your conversion rates.  If you send out emails with videos, recipients are 19% more likely to open them if the subject line says “video”. Nearly 66% of US adults go online to research their conditions, providing an opportunity to market to your target audience by providing testimonial videos or educational videos about your product. Your messaging can be done through a live shoot or animation/motion graphics. Additionally, when you put videos on a landing page, your web traffic stays on the page an average of 2.6 times longer than the average web visitor, and they become 1.81 times more likely to make a purchase. Overall, video production services can help to increase conversion rates by 80% on landing pages.

Your Competitors Are Doing It

Finally, you need to consider video production services because your competitors are already doing it. About 92% of video marketers reported that video gives them a positive ROI. Many others are using videos on TV, on their websites, on their social media feeds, and on other platforms.

Learn more about the Benefits of Video or contact one of our marketing experts to get a free consultation on how to implement video into your pharmaceutical marketing plan.