4 Ways to Take Your Holiday Promotion to the Next Level

The holiday season is just around the corner, and it’s never too early to start planning your marketing campaign. If you intend to run holiday promotions, hoping to reach the large group of people who do their shopping on Black Friday, then you’d be wise to incorporate video.

Why use video? Because it’s effective. Studies have shown conversion rates rise when you put video on a landing page, and click-through rates on emails soar with video. In fact, 64 percent of would-be buyers are more likely to purchase an item after seeing a web video about it.

Now that you know how important this form of marketing is to your company’s success, here are four ways to use it in your holiday promotions:

1. Make a Gift Guide

People gobble up gift guides during the holiday season because everyone has at least one person in their lives who is difficult to buy for. Making a video gift guide marries technology to something people will seek out anyway.

If you sell products, you can obviously feature them in your video. But if you provide services, you can get creative and ask your employees to appear in the video, recommending things they want to buy themselves. Tag the companies mentioned in the video when you post it on social media. With any luck, they will link to it and expose your promotion to an entirely new audience.

2. Play on a Holiday Trope

The ugly Christmas sweater. The rock-hard fruitcake. The Christmas lights that won’t stop blinking. There’s plenty to laugh about during the holidays, and when you film a video making light of these universal annoyances, you have a good chance of going viral. Just make sure you tie the video to your company in a meaningful way. Otherwise, those many views don’t help you.

3. Put Your Thankfulness on Display

During the holiday season, promotions can get overly commercial. Show that your company has some heart by enlisting employees to explain what they are thankful for in a video. Let them share their thoughts without outside input, and refrain from talking up the company. This should be a true reflection of what’s wonderful in the world — something people want to hear during this frazzled time of year.

4. Put the Focus on Pets

People adore their pets. Make a video that showcases your office family’s furry friends, and you are sure to get a wonderful reaction. A few ideas:

  • Pets in action while holiday music plays.
  • Pets “acting out” a scene in a holiday classic such as “It’s a Wonderful Life” — it doesn’t have to be Oscar-quality. Just make it clear what scene the pets are in.
  • Pets “preparing” a holiday feast.

Whatever you come up with, make it lighthearted and fun. Promotional holiday videos should serve as an engaging distraction at a busy period. And remember, if you need assistance with your video, you can contact PixelFish.