How to Utilize Educational Videos Within Your Company

Every company has a particular way of doing things. Whether you run a warehouse, make shoes or provide medical billing services, you have a culture and a set of procedures that help things run smoothly. When you hire someone new or shift a worker to a different department, they need to get up to speed on these processes. The problem is, every company is busy. You may not have the time or the personnel to spare on this necessary task.

How do you solve this problem? By using training videos. These educational films can help you save productivity and resources, while also providing the necessary training to new team members. Read on to learn tips on creating educational videos for your company.

Keep Your Work Videos Short

Is there anything worse than a movie that should have been 90 minutes running 100 minutes? No. You lose interest in the plot and let your mind wander when a video runs too long. This happens with work training videos as well. Try to focus on one or two main points, and cover them thoroughly. You can always make more videos to cover other questions.

Focus on the Big Picture

Educational videos should provide an overview of how to perform a task rather than the nitty gritty details. The latter is something your workers will pick up as they ease into their job. Your aim with the video should be to answer some of the most basic questions employees will have about their new tasks. Information should include:

  • Locations for people they may need to speak to
  • Placement of supplies to do their job
  • A demonstration of the job they will do
  • Faces of those they will work with, including their supervisor

Review the Content Every Six Months

Most businesses are in a perpetual state of flow. Methodologies change frequently as people figure out more efficient ways to work. Make sure your videos reflect your current procedures and policies by reviewing them every six months. If something has been updated, reshoot that part of the video rather than just talking to the employee about it after they watch. People retain visual information, and they may get mixed up about something they saw vs. what they were told.

Use Video to Introduce New Technology

It’s not just new employees who can benefit from educational work videos. You can also make them for existing staff when you change computer systems, upgrade your app or make other tech-related changes. Technology accounts for many of the questions in a workplace, and so giving your employees a step-by-step guide for what to expect during these changeovers can eliminate a lot of confusion and angst.

Approach the Videos in a Professional Manner

When you make videos for your company, you should keep them as polished as possible. These could be used well into the future, and you want to present the best possible image of your business. If you keep all these tips in mind, you can produce videos that offer a great service to your employees. Need more guidance on making your videos? Contact PixelFish to discuss your needs.