How to Identify the Right Micro Influencers

As social media continues to rise as a key marketing tool, influencer marketing has become part of many companies’ strategies. Connecting your consumers with someone they trust also builds their trust with you. Instead of working with folks with huge social followings, some companies opt to partner with micro influencers who have fewer followers. Find out how you can find the right micro influencer to champion your brand.

Why Work With Micro Influencers?

Micro influencers are influencers with a relatively small but dedicated following. They tend to have much fewer followers than typical influencers. Forbes considers folks with under 100,000 followers as micro influencers, to give you a better idea of their numbers. They often have a substantial number of fans, but not as much as someone like Beyoncé.

Influencer agency HelloSociety estimates that micro influencers drive 60 percent more engagement than typical influencers. They tend to provide more niche content and have a closer bond with their fans. By working with the right micro influencer, you can expose your brand to folks who care.

The Most Important Step — Know Your Audience

So how do you figure out what micro influencers you should reach out to get the most out of your relationship? To know who will become the best brand advocate, you should understand your audience as much as possible. Proper audience research can tell you who follows the micro influencers you should connect with.

When you conduct audience research, look at the data and facts instead of assuming who will like your product or service. You may be surprised to find that someone you never expected to like your brand is one of your biggest fans!

You want to dig deep into your audience’s lifestyle and hobbies to understand who they follow on social media. An interest you would never expect your audience to have could guide you to an ideal micro influencer’s specialty. For instance, if you find that your target audience loves DIY content, you might want to look for micro influencers known for DIY content.

Compare Your Fans to the Micro Influencer’s Fans

Before reaching out to someone who seems like a good fit, make sure their audience is similar to your audience. The audience research you conducted should help you out a lot. Keep in mind that the two audiences don’t have to exactly match — they just need to have close interests and values. If an account has a totally different type of interest than your brand but a similar following, you could actually use the difference to draw in a broader audience.

Get Help With Your Micro Influencer Content

Most micro influencer marketing happens on Instagram, a social media platform with a huge focus on images and videos. So what should you do if you need to make a video with your new contact? We’ve got you covered. Contact us today so we can help you create high-quality video content that fits your budget.