How Video Marketing Can Help Your Business

You’ve heard the hype about online video marketing. After all, we’re advocates for it ourselves! But if you don’t know much about the subject, you might have doubts that it works as well as people say it does. Read on to learn how online video content can enhance your business marketing.

It Gives You the Best Bang for Your Buck

Compared to other forms of online content, Internet videos can seem expensive. They can take more specialized equipment and knowledge to create than blog posts or graphics. But it turns out that it can cost less than you think — and no matter the price, it tends to be worth every penny.

51 percent of marketing professionals agree that video marketing gets the most ROI compared to other forms of content. Whether you use a smartphone or a video professional to make your content, you’ll find that video pays for itself and then some.

It Lets You Connect With Consumers in an Aspect of Their Everyday Lives

Nowadays, consumers focus less on traditional media and more on online content, especially video. Instead of turning on the cable news, many folks instead turn to their social media feeds. After all, six out of ten people would rather watch content on an online video platform instead of the TV. With video content of your own, you can join in on the trend.

It Helps You Get More Engagement Than Other Forms of Content

Videos not only catch consumers’ attention better, but they’re more likely to hold attention until the end. When you communicate a message using video, viewers retain 95 percent of it. That’s more information about your product or service provided in the same amount of content as another medium. Plus, consumers click the “Play” button on a video more often than they click on an image ad, making them more likely to see your content in the first place.

It Gives You the Competitive Edge You Need

Most importantly, video content lets you keep up with other names in your industry. If you have video content and a close competitor doesn’t, you have a better chance of coming out on top. 90 percent of consumers say product videos help them make purchases. Plus, many folks think that brands that use video marketing have more credibility than other brands.

When you invest in online videos, you invest in the future. By 2019, more than 80 percent of all web traffic will involve video. Mobile video ads increased in number by 80.6 percent in 2015, and experts predict that it will grow in the double digits by 2019. Video content isn’t going anywhere soon.

Learn More About Online Video

For more facts and statistics like the ones listed in this blog post, check out our guide to the benefits of video marketing. To get started on a video project, contact us.