Award-Winning Agency


PixelFish is an award-winning agency, and industry leader in digital marketing, print advertising, and video production worldwide. We conceptualize and produce quality content for our clients to promote their products, services, or brand.
Our creative team is a collection of talented designers, producers, artists, crews, and editors who are proven industry experts with experience in a wide range of verticals. Brainstorming and strategizing together – taking all ideas, target markets, and goals to heart – we deliver fresh, award-winning content for our clients.


2021 – Telly Award

2019 – Telly Award

2019 – The Communicator Award

2018 – The Hermes Award (2x recipient)

2018 – The Davey Award (2x recipient)

2017 – The Telly Award (2x recipient)

2017 – The Hermes Award

2015 – The Hermes Award

2013 – The Telly Award

2012 – The Videographer Award

2012 – The Hermes Award