Turning Your Employees Into Brand Ambassadors

It takes time and effort to raise brand ambassadors for your business. But, you can make the process more efficient by encouraging more employee engagement. Here are five tips that will help you enjoy greater employee advocacy for your company.

1. Listen to Your Employees First

Do you spend time listening to your employees, or are you always giving orders and directives?

Employees love to be heard, so you can easily turn them into ambassadors by asking them what they want at work. Let your employees tell you whether they want more flexible hours, better leadership opportunities or something else. When you allow employees to provide their input, they’ll feel they have a special place in the company. This feeling will naturally turn them into useful brand ambassadors.

2. Involve Employees in Decision Making

Do you allow your employees to get involved in brainstorming sessions? Employees who provide an essential input in decision-making will usually be more loyal than those who don’t.

Identify employees who are dedicated and can serve as excellent brand ambassadors. Then, train them to become representatives of your company. Let them participate in the planning of your marketing or sales promotion activities.

Encourage the team to have a brainstorming session to produce creative content ideas. This will deepen their understanding of your company’s products and services, and they’ll also become better advocates for your company.

3. Ask Employees to Write Blog Posts

Do you know your employees can become great content providers for your business blog? Here’s how to get your team members to provide compelling content.

Ask your employees to write posts on your company’s blog. This will make it easy for you to cover a wide range of exciting topics. Every contributor will have their name online and add the article to their career portfolio.

Most likely, they’ll promote this content to their network without you even asking them to do so. So, your business will enjoy increased visibility in search engines, and the content will be more persuasive.

4. Encourage Social Media Sharing and Engagement

Your loyal employees usually have a genuine interest in promoting your brand, but you must make a specific request for them to do it.

Ask for employee engagement with your company’s social media channels. Let them share information about your business with their personal network. Feature your employees on your social media pages, too.

Talk about each employee online at least once a week or once a month. Then, encourage each employee to share their page with their friends, and your brand’s awareness will spread rapidly.

5. Provide Incentives

Do you provide specific rewards for employees who work hard to promote your brand? It’s quite easy to get more employees to become brand promoters when there’s a particular reward for doing so.

If you want your employees to recruit top-notch talent to join the team, then offer a specific reward for this. You may even allow them to choose the kind of compensation they might appreciate — within reasonable budgetary limits. An excellent example of a prize most employees will love is a weekend-long, all expenses paid vacation for them and their family.

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