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Thank you for your interest in booking on-camera talent or professional voiceover with Pixelfish. The right on-camera talent (actors and models) will help to elevate the quality and professionalism of your video. Having relatable, believable, and talented actors will help you to reach your target audience while developing trust and credibility.

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So, what exactly is on-camera talent?

Take a moment and think of a recent TV commercial that really stood out to you, either positive or negative. What was it about the commercial that struck you? Oftentimes, the right actors make or break the experience. In fact, many of our favorite company videos, the ones that go viral, would not have reached cult status without that particular actor or actress. Put simply, on-camera talent refers to actors and actresses that are paid to execute your script.

At Pixelfish, we can help you to decide who are the right people – from employees to hired talent – to use in your video, based on goals and budget. Plus, as a leading provider of video advertising and nationwide distribution, Pixelfish can also ensure that your on-camera talent helps your videos be seen online, on mobile devices, on TV, and on digital signage everywhere!

How do you know if using on-camera talent is right for you?

For companies looking to grow a strong brand presence, build loyalty, and drive word-of-mouth, consider on-air talent. Even corporate videos can benefit from a trained actor to keep the audience’s attention and avoid the pitfalls of those not trained to deliver information on camera. Finally, on-camera talent is an effective way to ensure your videos are memorable and filled with personality.

How to decide to use employees or on-camera talent

For many smaller companies or those on a tight budget, the impulse is often to use employees or even friends in a video. It might work out fine, but there are some big risks when putting inexperienced folks in front of the camera. You might want to consider hiring talent if your video project has the following:

  1. Short/Tight Deadline Hiring talent may appear to be more expensive, but if you have a tight deadline, having trained actors on set will likely cut down on the need to shoot and reshoot. This not only cuts down on added time filming but means you can get a polished product faster.
  2. Heavy Dialogue Line memorization is a skill. If you have a script that must be followed to the letter, consider professional talent to execute your dialogue.
  3. Humor Comedic timing is gold – when done correctly. If you are thinking about creating a funny video that you hope to be passed among friends, don’t risk it without the help of trained comedic actors.

Is using on-camera talent right for you? Contact us today and talk to a member of our team.

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