How To Learn From Marketing Trends of 2022

Researching the marketing trends of 2022 is essential in learning and garnering the most views and audience engagement.

As we worked alongside Google Partners in creating content for YouTube, we found that where we used to have 15 seconds to capture the attention of the viewer, is now cut down to 3 seconds. Count it out 3 -2- 1. DONE.  Either you captured your audience to engage in longer-form content or you lost them.

1. YouTube Shorts will gain maximum exposure

There’s no doubt YouTube paved the way for today’s social media and continues to play a crucial role in any marketing strategy. To gain the most out of this video-sharing platform, it is necessary to check YouTube trends. Like every other social media platform, YouTube witnesses changes in its audiences’ behavior and content trends.

Just like Instagram Reels, YouTube Shorts will be highly preferred in YouTube marketing. As we mentioned in the introduction, short videos have already been a trend this year and the same is bound to continue next year too. Make sure you have interesting content ideas ready for YouTube Shorts and that you capture the attention of your audience IMMEDIATELY. 

See to it that you conduct an in-depth audience analysis before creating content for YouTube Shorts to gain desired results. These short videos are not only easy to create but they also gain a lot of audience engagement and reach. YouTube Shorts can be used in influencer marketing too! 

2. How-to videos will gain maximum engagement

The pandemic gave rise to several new video bloggers who showcased their skills on YouTube. Be it new recipes or yoga routines, video bloggers made numerous instructional videos. These videos not only received amazing views but also garnered a high level of engagement. 

The trend of how-to videos will also continue in 2023. Make sure you create instructional videos for your audience and post them on YouTube. These videos can also help you increase your audience base on the platform. 

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People attended all kinds of events online through live streaming during the pandemic and this increased the significance and popularity of live streaming. Live streaming can help brands and businesses reach a wider audience on YouTube. According to statistics, live videos garner more views than other regular videos. With YouTube Live, you can conduct product launches, interviews with industry experts, panel discussions, and lots more. It also provides intimacy between the viewer and the brand. Live streaming is likely to be a popular trend in the upcoming year as well.

4. The audience will evolve and audience analysis will attain more importance

The metrics that tell marketers about video performance will be important this year as well. At the same time, audience analysis will be of great significance. There has been a drastic shift in the way video content is consumed and created. Initially, it was dependent on the creators to set a trend but now content creation is user-centric. This makes audience analysis even more crucial for marketers.

5. Let the audience take control of your content 

Several YouTubers are now following the trend of follower-decided content for their channels. The trend suggests that creators can rely on followers to come up with content ideas and plans. This can be done by analyzing the performance of various videos on the channel. YouTubers, in some cases, have also hosted online polls to learn about audience preferences. This works well for both parties because the audience gets what it wants and the burden of experimenting with the content does not fall on the creator alone and this reduces the chances of failure.

6. Relaxation and wellness-related content is set to grow on the platform

The last two years have taken a heavy toll on people’s minds and bodies. People want a break from negative news and content and that has led to a rise in the content related to wellness and relaxation. Taking a unique route, creators are now looking to provide content that calms the audience. Therefore, many people are now using YouTube to watch motivational and spiritual content. This is also because Millennials and Gen Z are looking at implementing positive lifestyle changes in their lives.

We will witness a lot of changes in 2023 in the way content is produced, presented, and consumed. This not just applies to YouTube but is also applicable to other social media platforms. Marketers must focus on creating videos that educate and inform the audience rather than just selling products and services.

Apart from following trends, brands must also focus on analysis and competition tracking to ace their YouTube marketing strategies. 

The most successful marketing motivates an audience to engage. That’s why it’s important to value online communities and understand how they can amplify and strengthen your messages.

Leveraging communities, meeting audiences where they are, and creating innovative content are key. Marketers who incorporate these actions into their creative will empower themselves to successfully connect with the right audiences at the right moments in 2023 and beyond.