What is the Video Production Process Like?

video production

A lot of marketing professionals understand the benefits of integrating videos into their marketing strategy, but they aren’t sure how the video production process works. Typically, the process consists of three major parts: pre-production, production, and post-production. Whether you’ve made countless videos or are thinking about launching your first video, take a look at how we make it work at PixelFish.


Strategy and Goals

At PixelFish, we are committed to making our customers happy, which is why the majority of our business comes from repeat clients. To ensure our customers are satisfied, we always start by finding out exactly what they want. We set up a call with your team to talk about your business, brand image and goals. Then, we outline a creative strategy to meet those objectives within your budget, while establishing a production timeline to hit designated deadlines.


Story and Script

Based on your marketing goals, we craft a script and storyboard. Generally, this process happens in two steps. To ensure everyone is on the same page, we begin with the scripting process for your team to review, ensuring that the correct messaging is being communicated. Once the script is approved, we bring the narrative to life, utilizing storyboards to outline the visual aspects of the video.


Talent, Location, and Equipment

Although many of our videos utilize animation and motion graphics and are sent to the post-production team, many of our videos are shot on location or studio. The team scouts locations, casts talent, and makes sure the crew is ready to go! Once everything’s in place, pre-production is done, and we roll into production.


Video Production

Each project is different and, depending on the type of video you want to create, we may shoot interviews, live footage, capture B-roll, record voiceovers, or choose a new approach that works best for your business. In essence, we make sure the visuals and audio that we need to create your final polished video are in place for the post-production team to make it a reality.


Post Production

It is up to our post-production team to take all the assets and bring them together to create a compelling piece. Reviewing all the footage, contemplating the best way to animate logos and assets, while staying true to branding, lie on the post-production team. Videos have to be designed to capture the audience’s attention in just a few seconds, as they scroll past the video in their social media feeds. In those situations, your video needs to flow from scene to scene quickly and accurately, and in the post video production process, is where the rubber hits the road.


Reviews and Approvals

Once complete, our clients get to review the work we’ve done, request edits, and, once approved, a final link is delivered to your team.


Marketing Integration

If desired, we can work with you to integrate the video into your marketing plan. That can involve cutting numerous videos for different platforms that work together to tell a cohesive story.


Video production involves a lot of technical elements. But, ultimately, it’s about the age-old art of storytelling. When you work with PixelFish, we balance the technology and the artistry of video production, and we work with you to ensure that your videos help your company connect with your clients in meaningful, personal ways.

If you’d like to learn more about what it’s like to work with us, please contact us online or give us a call at 888-308-2009.