Video Production for Marketing & SEO Agencies

marketing video production

Looking for video content that will boost your marketing agency to the top? PixelFish offers a marketing video production service that covers an ocean-wide variety of clientele. A leader in video production, we create SEO-friendly, dynamic videos, ranging from informative to persuasive, for in-house audiences or prospective customers. If you’re a marketing or SEO agency looking to boost your social media presence with viral videos, PixelFish’s skills match your needs.

Why Marketing & SEO Agencies Can Benefit from Video

Why marketing video production? Simply put, it’s memorable. Our brains are 95% of a video’s message compared to 10% when reading text. Videos are also the most widely consumed form of digital content today. Social media posts with videos are 10X more likely to get click-through and YouTube videos are the #1 source people turn to when asking how-to questions and the #1 source where customers find new brands. Video marketing sticks, while the rest tends to fade.

When is the Best Time to Hire a Video Production Company

It’s important to consider that the ambitions of your video project may take several weeks rather than several days to see to fruition. You may think production shoots are just a camera shooting exactly what you planned out, but the reality is that production shoots typically involve setting up lights, sound, production design, exact marks for objects featured or people highlighted, and multiple takes. It’s important to allow plenty of time because your blueprint often changes with the reality of the equipment, people, lighting, and sound situation. And that’s just the production part of it.

Post-production, where the animation, motion graphics, and video editing take place also needs plenty of time because it can be a very fastidious, evolving process. Indeed, for some videos, you may have no shoot, but the type of animation required will still take a full week to masterfully execute. Thus, always allow for more time than you think you need. Set your social media calendar to consider pre-production, production, and post-production as separate stages to ensure the planning, execution, and editing steps won’t feel rushed. It’s best to contact PixelFish a month early or at least two weeks out in order to allow plenty of time for marketing video production. Whether it’s a campaign of several videos or a one-off commercial or a testimonial video, PixelFish will help you execute the plan you have in mind with quick turnover and impeccable quality.

How PixelFish Can Help

Marketing video production is the best way to gain brand exposure, add new customers, and engage your own company with your brand’s expectations, protocol, and voice. Whether your audience is in-house employees that need training videos or orientation to company culture, or prospective customers, PixelFish can customize delicious digital content that satisfies any customer palette you have in mind! PixelFish’s strong reputation among marketing firms, banks and financial institutions, car dealerships, pharmaceutical companies, and technology firms has earned us a 90% retention rating and we continue to grow and diversify our clientele. Contact us today to see what we can do for you.