Tips for Creating a Successful TV Commercial Campaign

Think about an unforgettable television ad. Why was it so unforgettable? Perhaps it aired during the Super Bowl or the Olympics or the Academy Awards. Maybe it starred a famous actor, actress or athlete. Or it featured a memorable song you can still recite years later.

No matter what the ad was, it undoubtedly had one thing in common with other effective ads — it told a great story. Whatever product you are hawking, storytelling is essential to building memorable television ads.

Here are a few tips for making TV commercial advertising that will reel people in and get them to buy your product.

Tell a Story in Your TV Ad

You only have 30 seconds or a minute to get viewers interested in your commercial. You can do this by getting them invested in the outcome of the ad. Make them care. You can do this by:

  • Building strong characters: Show, in a short amount of time, what makes them tick.
  • Setting up big conflicts: You need a problem to drive your ad, and your product should be the solution.
  • Treating it like a half-minute play: All the elements of a great drama or comedy can come to light in 30 seconds if you have smart writing.

Better Yet, Tell a Serialized Story

One of the most popular TV commercials of all time was the early ‘90s instant coffee saga featuring a British pair whom viewers desperately wanted to get together. Each time a new installment was released, it would get loads of hype, almost like a new Marvel movie.

Play to Your Brand’s Strengths in Your Commercial Advertising

Consistency can help your brand connect with people in TV advertising. Does your brand cater to families? Then make sure your TV ad is family-friendly and not racy — that would be off-brand and off-putting for potential customers. Make sure your creative lines up with your company’s values, whatever those may be.

Stay Relevant to Your Product

Here’s a dirty little secret about Super Bowl ads. Many of them are funny, touching or otherwise memorable, but they often have no relevance to the product they’re selling. Think about the funny beer or chip ads. Do you remember, years later, what those ads had to do with the chips or beer? Probably not. You probably only remember the protagonist or the punchline.. Creating emotion is a key element in marketing, but unless you have $5 million dollars to place a thirty-second ad during this year’s Super Bowl, make sure your messaging is clear about the product you are selling.You want people to remember your product and not just the ad itself.

Use Professional Assistance to Perfect Your TV Advertising

Just as you want people to use your professional services, you shouldn’t be afraid to call in help when you need it. If you have never run a TV ad campaign before, you may need help envisioning your commercial and coming up with a focus that will engage viewers. Reach out to PixelFish. We have experience doing this for our clients and can help you find the right television ad approach for your brand.