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Thank you for your interest in creating a corporate video with Pixelfish. We believe that corporate videos are a powerful way to communicate your company values and services, and are an important component to marketing to potential customers, increasing leads, and ultimately sales.

So, what exactly is a Corporate Video?

If “a picture tells a thousand words,” it’s no surprise that so many companies are adding video to their arsenal. A corporate video can be a marketing tool intended for prospective clients and customers, or a resource for educating or training internal employees. These days, the only thing boring about a corporate video is the name – the sky’s the limit in terms of creative, enjoyable and even humorous ways to communicate and engage with prospects through video.

At Pixelfish, we remove unnecessary costs and simplify the production processes without sacrificing creative integrity. This means that no matter what your specific goals are, from the traditional “about us” video, to the next viral smash hit, we will gather a team of bright, creative and experienced production minds to create a fresh, dynamic and effective corporate video for you, at an affordable price.

Plus, as a leading provider of video advertising and nationwide distribution, Pixelfish can also ensure that your corporate video will be seen online, on mobile devices, on TV and digital signage in your target market.

How do you know if a Corporate Video is right for you?

If you regularly pitch business to prospective clients, invest in a trade show presence, are experiencing high-growth and need to effectively train new talent in corporate practices and policies, or are simply interested in driving more traffic to your website, a corporate video is a great solution. Specifically, corporate videos are a great option for those looking to:

  • Promote a company to a large digital audience or tradeshow
  • Drive traffic to a company website
  • Increase interest and buzz for lead generation
  • Present financial results or “wow” stakeholders
  • Train new staff
So, what exactly is a Corporate Video?

Whether you have a clear idea in mind or are starting from scratch, Pixelfish is ready to help you create a corporate video that achieves your business goals. When we work together, you can expect a hassle-free experience in a fun, relaxed environment. To get started, consider the following three questions:

1. Who is your audience? From tradeshow passers-by, to a room full of potential investors, the best corporate videos are designed to appeal to a specific audience. The first step is to identify your audience.

2. What does your audience care about? You may care about making the sale, but what about your audience? Do they want to be entertained, educated, appreciated, understood? By getting to the heart of what your audience cares about, you can begin to develop a video script that will resonate with your audience.

3. What do you want your audience to do next? After your audience has watched your video, what is the next step you want them to take? Should they share the video across social media? Be ready to sign a contract? Be able to tell a complete stranger what your company does? By considering what action you want your audience to take, you can make sure to include messaging to encourage that next step.

Is a Corporate Video is right for you? Contact us today for a free creative consultation.

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