Clothing & Apparel Commercials

Thank you for your interest in learning more about how we can help create an unforgettable clothing and apparel commercial for your business. Apparel commercials can help potential customers identify their clothing and fashion interests based on their lifestyle. We believe that the use of video commercials can better sell a clothing company’s product line than a stationary billboard.

Apparel Commercials

Thank you for your interest in learning more about how we can help create a great hospitality commercial for your business. Hospitality commercials can portray a welcoming environment for your service before a customer even sets foot inside your business. At PixelFish, we believe that the use of video advertising is perfect for restaurants, travel agencies, hotels, motels, cruise lines, and other hospitality businesses as an alternative to the traditional print brochure.

So, what exactly is an Apparel commercial?

Apparel commercials have become iconic fixtures within our culture. Memorable clothing commercial campaigns of recent times came from brands like Abercrombie & Fitch, Old Navy, Hanes, Macy’s, Calvin Klein, and every celebrity-endorsed sneaker company from Nike to Reebok.

Apparel commercials are fantastic vehicles for introducing your unique style to the masses. They offer consumers insight into how they might be perceived if wearing your brand.

With apparel, it’s all about image. That’s why we work with you to find the best solution in crafting visually stimulating apparel commercials. PixelFish likes to get down to the nitty-gritty of understanding your brand’s ideal consumer.

For example: Will your actors convey the image of a model or the average person? Do they lead a busy lifestyle or are they carefree? What about the setting? Does your commercial take place in a conference room, at the beach, or in a skating rink? These are just a few items we address before our award-winning filmmakers produce your standout commercial.

How do you know if apparel commercials are right for you?

Apparel commercials shed light on your products in ways a magazine or flyer will never be able to. As long as the sun keeps rising, people are going to be wearing apparel every single day. It is incumbent upon clothing and fashion brands to find their way into people’s closets. If you are an apparel company in search of an out-of-the-box marketing solution to drive eyes to your brand, commercial advertising is the way to go.

Types of apparel commercials:

Broadcast Apparel Commercials: Reach your market on a national level with the same medium that gets people excited to see Superbowl commercials on the most watched day of TV each year. Or choose to focus your efforts locally by broadcasting in one specific city.
Social Media Apparel Commercials: Already have a major social following for your headwear, maternity, or lingerie and nightwear company? Let’s give your Facebook fans something to talk about. Weekly video testimonials or a branded entertainment series can be a huge driver of social engagement.
In-Store Apparel Commercials: Flash animation commercials inside your store alert customers to current promotions your apparel brand may be running. In-store commercials are also great for showing catwalk models donning a new fashion line instead of relying on mannequins like your competitors.

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