Creative Video Production Services to Meet Your Unique Needs

From advertising to training to branding and more, our videos can be used in many different ways to achieve your specific goals and objectives. Whether you want us to shoot video at your location or in our Los Angeles studio, PixelFish can produce an affordable video for you anytime, anywhere. Learn more about what to expect by watching our Production Process video.

104% increase in online videos viewed over last year

75% increase in online videos viewed per user over last year

Digital Spots

Whether you’re looking to supplement your existing broadcast advertising, or you simply want to establish a foothold in the digital space, we can produce compelling spots perfectly tailored for the online viewer and mobile devise user.

Broadcast Commercials

Broadcast commercials aren’t just the high-priced ads you see for recognizable companies. No matter what size your company – no matter what you’re selling – you too can have a thirty or sixty second spot to reach a broader customer base. Let us conceptualize and produce your commercial, and help you reach your target demographic.


From simple animation (such as a software or website walk-through) to more sophisticated long-form animation with characters and plots, we can provide full-service treatment that rivals the finest animation studios – including storyboards, animatics, and cel treatments.

Corporate Videos

Want to explain your business or company to potential investors, customers or employees? Or maybe you want to brag about how long you’ve been in business or how well your stock is doing. Or perhaps you want to entertain your managers at the next function or holiday party. We provide innovative and creative conceptualization, design and production for all Corporate Videos, no matter what their use or purpose.

Tradeshow Videos

If you’re looking to improve your presence at high-traffic tradeshows, we can produce a highly specialized video that’s sure to be seen and heard by anyone visiting your booth. Whether it involves capturing footage of your facility, your team, or your product’s process, we have video crews available worldwide. We can also add dynamic, multilayered motion graphics that are sure to attract even casual observers.

On Camera Talent

For a truly dynamic way to present your product or service, consider using an On Camera Talent. We have access to a vast array of highly talented spokespeople who are able to immerse themselves into product’s process and value, and sound as if they’ve used it for years. We also have the capabilities to film against a variety of settings or locations enhance the look and feel.


Sometimes there’s nothing quite like telling a story then by, well, telling a story. We can create and produce compelling and entertaining webisodes that inform the viewer and develop brand awareness without them even realizing it. We provide professionally written scripts and actors to develop these storylines, and can instill whatever tone you prefer – comedic, dramatic, or even heart-wrenching.

Video Blogs

So you’ve got some thoughts and ideas, and you want people to know about them. But your Smartphone or Webcam quality is grainy and dark. More and more, Video Blogs are becoming a great tool for getting yourself, your company, or your product out there to the masses. So the production of them deserves more than just you sitting in a dark room in front of your computer. Whether a one-off or a recurring Monthly video blogs, we can optimize and distribute on popular networks that will give your search rankings a boost.

Internal Communication

Convey that special message to just your staff or employees with an Internal Communication video. Whether you need to feature a key member of your team, or roll out a new element of your company, we have a crew nearby and at the ready.

Product Overview

Sometimes that special product requires more than just a description found in a brochure or told by a salesperson. It requires a “show me” demonstration. With our multi-faceted, state-of-the-art studio and equipment, we can show your product in action. Or, if the product is best displayed in a specific environment, such as a kitchen, we’ll find the perfect location.

Process Demonstration

Process Demonstrations are great for e-commerce businesses that require customers to navigate through an internet sales process. Put your customers at ease by showing how easy and perfectly integrated the system is!

Educational Video

Perfect for doctors and professionals who want to inform and educated clients on a subject matter that may be a bit beyond their grasp. Our professional scriptwriters can dissect the information and put it in palatable and understandable language.

Training Video

You’ve got new employees. They need to learn how to do their job. Do you want to hold time-consuming classes and seminars to train them? Or would you rather train them with a simple, informative video – that could be used for generations of new hires?

Testimonial Video

Nothing says “I know what it’s like” as well as… someone who knows what it’s like. We produce compelling, informative, and convincing videos that utilize actual people who have been through a process, used a product, utilized a professional service. Our team knows exactly how to put on-camera subjects at ease, and elicit great comments and sound bites to fit into a video, no matter what length.